New directions in finance studies

This roundtable brings together leading voices from political economy, sociology, and social theory to discuss the issues and approaches that will shape the contours of finance studies over the next decade.

  • Lisa Adkins, University of Newcastle Australia
  • Melinda Cooper, University of Sydney
  • Marieke de Goede, University of Amsterdam
  • Yuval Millo, Warwick Business School
  • Ronen Palan, City University London

Finance the unknown

This roundtable brings together non­-academics whose practices engage with the frayed edges of the financial world, where monetary and financial operations overlap with art, mischief, the perverse, and the occult.

  • Melanie Gilligan, Film maker
  • Max Haiven, Academic activist
  • Jonathan Harris, Money burner
  • Brett Scott, Finance hacker
  • Cassie Thornton, Econ artist